Auto Body CA Services

Auto Body CA Repair Services

  • Dents and surface defects: These issues should be addressed promptly after an accident, as they can worsen over time. Auto Body CA can swiftly correct these imperfections, restoring your vehicle’s appearance.
  • Paint scratches and chips: Left unattended, these can lead to rust and deeper damage. Auto body CA can rectify paint issues, ensuring your car looks like new.
  • Windshield and glass damage: Accidents can result in cracked windshields, scratches, and damage to rear-view mirrors and windows. Windscreen repair services will resolve these problems to ensure your visibility on the road remains unobstructed.
  • Bumper damage: Dealing with cracks, scrapes, and other bumper damage can be challenging because bumpers come in various styles and materials. Auto body CA employ experienced staff who can assess your bumper damage and determine the best repair approach.

Auto Body CA vs. Car Repair Garage

It’s essential to distinguish between a professional auto body shop such as Auto Body CA and a car repair garage. Auto Body CA specializes in cosmetic exterior repairs, while a car repair garage focuses on mechanical components. A car repair garage also handles routine maintenance, MOTs, and service for a vehicle’s moving parts, including tasks like brake replacements, oil changes, and engine component replacements.

After an accident, you’ll need to visit an auto body shop to repair or replace damaged exterior components and a car repair garage to address mechanical parts that affect your vehicle’s safe operation. In severe accidents, you may require the services of both.  Here at Auto Body CA we do both.

Auto Body CA employs certified and qualified technicians to provide the best service possible.